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Autotel NX9200 Digital Race Radio Kit

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Autotel NX9200 Digital Race Radio Kit - Complete Digital System for 1 x driver 1 x car and 1 x engineer

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Complete Digital System for 1 x driver 1 x car and 1 x engineer 


The new Autotel NX9200 system offers advanced digital communications systems for GT, Saloon and Sports cars. The Kenwood radio pack runs from the cars 12 volt supply making it ideal for endurance racing. The special car radio pack is fitted with our adaptive DSP2 digital noise cancelling to give the best possible communications in all applications.


A unique feature of the NX9200 system is its capability to work in full digital, full analogue or mixed analogue and digital modes. This allows the system to be tailored to even the most demanding application offering the user the best possible results.


Exceptional results can now be achieved using Digital Mode in virtually any Race Car using our range of helmet kits and microphones combined with the DSP2 noise cancelling system fitted as standard. 


The system is complete and can actually offer better range than the equivalent analogue system in a race car situation. However, for some longer tracks we recommend the RR4000 digital repeater to gaurentee full track coverage. 



New Lightweight Car Option

A no extra cost option is the new NX9001+ lightweight car option reducing car weight to 685 grams and a much smaller car unit. making installation easier.

The NX9001+ being limited to 5 watts output may benefit more from use of a repeater in the system to Guarantee full track coverage.


NX9200 Key Benefits


Car and Pit calls can be monitored without scanning... No more lost first words from slow scanning.

Secure, digital conversations... No more eavesdropping.

Clear, crisp, digital conversation... Consistent voice quality and volume.

Inherent digital noise cancelling... Ideal for high noise applications.

Analogue Mode and mixed Digital/Analogue mode ... Existing analogue equipment can be integrated into the system. Suits any application regardless of car.
Immunity to interference... Digital radio is far less likely to be affected by pit lane interference.


Improved range... Narrow band digital radio gives a better usable range than analogue systems and is also more immune to high vehicle electrical interference that often reduces range.

 System Components 


1 x NX961 Car radio with anti vibration mounting and full DSP2 noise cancelling fitted  


1 x RR50 Steering wheel talk switch with coiled cord


1 x RR30D DSP Car wiring loom


1 x RR160 Drivers helmet kit with boom and coiled cord


1 x RR550 Drivers in ear pieces


1 x RR60 Car antenna and loom


1 x RR350 Pit headset with elevated pit antenna option


1 x High powered digital pit radio with belt clip and battery


1 x Pit radio fast charger


1 x CAS3 Pit radio carry case

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