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Karting Helmets

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  • Arai CK6 CMR Kart Helmet

    CMR helmet for Junior Drivers upto 15yrs old. Lightweight high quality kart racing helmet
    £379.97 Ex VAT £379.97 Inc VAT
  • Arai SK6 Kart Helmet

    The SK-6 is largely base on the GP-6S, but is specially developed for kart racing, including a larger visor aperture which is essential in karting. The CLC outer Shell features extensive ventilation ducts and offers the improved visor system.Available sizes: XS-XLSK-6 uses the same visor as the GP-6S
    £399.97 Ex VAT £479.96 Inc VAT
  • Bell KC7 CMR Kart Helmet

    The Bell KC7 helmet is certified to the new CMH standard, developed jointly by the FIA Institute and the Snell Memorial Foundation. This standard has been developed to create safer and lighter helmets for use in karting. Based on the HP7 design used in F1 Dual Screen Anti Fog Visor as standard
    £375.00 Ex VAT £375.00 Inc VAT
  • Bell KC7 CMR Venom Kart Helmet

    Bell KC7 CMR Venom Kart Helmet Same as the standard KC7 but with a beautiful colour scheme
    £452.59 Ex VAT £452.59 Inc VAT
  • Bell RS7 K Kart Helmet

    Specifically developed for karting, the RS7-K meets all the need s of the most demanding go-kart racers. Directly derivated from the Advanced HP7 and the RS7 auto racing helmets, the RS7-K is fitted with a specific, long lasting and comfortable interior. Its great ventilation system, very good at low speed, is regard ed as the most efficient for use in karting.

    Snell K2010 approved

    £486.00 Ex VAT £583.20 Inc VAT
  • NEW Bell RS7-K Kart Helmet

    Bell RS7-K Kart Helmet

    Lightweight composite Shell.Multi density,multi piece liner to maximize energy absorption.Top and chin bar ventilation system.Non fire proof lining for durabilityNOT compatible with FHR anchor systems or devices.Shell and Shield designed to optimize aerodynamic performance.Synthetic rubber gasket seal to prevent dirt and water from entering the helmet.Snell K2015 approved.
    £864.00 Ex VAT £1,036.80 Inc VAT

    Improves visibility in wet weather. Easy to apply formula repels rain and water. For use on windshields, visors, goggles or windscreens.
    £5.79 Ex VAT £6.95 Inc VAT
  • OMP Circuit Helmet

    • ABS Shell • Perfect for track day use • Available in gloss white or matte black
    £74.17 Ex VAT £74.17 Inc VAT

In Stock

8 Item(s)