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MOLECULE COMPLETE RACE CARE KIT - Introducing The Molecule Race Suit Treatment and Cleaning System, an absolute must addition for your kit bag to ensure you race suit stays fresh and clean.
The Full Kit contains every product in one presentation box with measuring cup for the wash.
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– Molecule Spot Cleaner

– Molecule Refresher

– Molecule Wash

– Molecule Protector

Founded by chemical engineer and 2011 British GT Championship contender Michael Guasch, the line of Molecule products serve to provide a real solution to the protection and removal of stains and bacteria that cause the odour frequently associated with Nomex racing suits.

The antimicrobial components and lightly scented formula contained within are activiated in the water of a washing machine and reacted onto the fabric, if nothing else savings on dry cleaning are immediate.

Molecule Refresher contains the same antimicrobial and scented ingredients found in Molecule Wash, but is designed to be applied between sessions as suites and helmets become ripe.

The practice of leaving a suit or helmet out in the sun to let the perspiration dry is common but all that accomplishes is drying the sweat and bacteria into the Nomex material. Molecule Refresher adds an antimicrobial to the fabric and has a pleasant scent, too.

Where Molecule Labs makes a giant leap though is in its Protector Spray. Molecule Protector acts more like a repellant, not allowing water, oil, fuel and soils to penetrate the fabric which makes machine washing more effective.

These new products have already found there way into Formula 1, IndyCar and the American Le Mans Series, British GT, and FIA GT3. 

With Molecule Labs, smelly race suites and helmets, long the bane of racing wives and dry cleaners, are a thing of the past and flaming, fuel-soaked suits gone forever!!

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