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Kart Boots Buying Guide

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What is the current homologation for kart boots?

There is no homologation that applies to kart boots.

What are the most important criteria when selecting kart boots?

In karting, the racers feet are exposed to the elements, so particularly when racing on an outdoor track, boots that keep the feet warm are essential. However, in hot climates and for indoor karting, the opposite is the case, and cooling becomes an important factor.

What are the options for boot materials?

Kart boots are made from either plastic or leather. Leathers come in different grades, and the better-quality boots will be thinner and lighter. They will typically have more holes for improved ventilation.

The better specified boots tend to have pull cords rather than tie up laces for easier, faster fitting, and to ensure that laces don’t loosen as the foot is being flexed during a race.

Some boots also have a Velcro closure over the laces to secure them and to eliminate the risk of them being accidentally loosened.

What are the important design features?

Look for the cut of the rear collar, which will affect the range of ankle movement, and find one that is most comfortable for you.

Some boots are waterproof, which is very important for outdoor racing in wet and unpredictable climates.

Some soles feature ‘tread’ patterns and rubberised materials for greater grip in slippery conditions. Rubberised soles can offer protection against spillages if oil or other fluids in the garage or pit area. They can also reduce wear on areas where the boot might rub, such as on the pedals.

What about…?

If you have any questions about any other aspect of kart boots, or which will be best for you, please call our Customer Service Team on 01327 855 585 for friendly, unbiased advice.

Are race boots and kart boots the same?

No, they are quite different. For help choosing the right race boots, please refer to our Race Boots Buying Guide or call our Customer Service Team on 01327 855 585.