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The Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award 2023


The Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award stands as a prestigious honor that has propelled the careers of numerous talented young racers into the fast-paced world of motorsport. Established by Autosport magazine, this award recognizes and celebrates emerging talent in motorsport and has become a launchpad for young drivers aiming to reach the pinnacle of their racing careers. In this blog, we will explore the history, significance, selection criteria, and the impact of this award on the lives of young drivers.

A Brief History of the Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award

2022 finalists 

The Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award has a storied history, dating back to its inception in [insert year of inception]. Autosport, a leading motorsport publication, created this award to identify and acknowledge outstanding young racing talent. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the most sought-after accolades in motorsport, with past winners including some of the sport’s biggest names. 

The Significance of the Award

  1. Talent Recognition: It identifies and honors the exceptional skills and potential of young racers who are at the cusp of their careers. Winning this award is a testament to their dedication and skill.

  2. Launchpad to Success: For many young drivers, this award serves as a springboard to greater opportunities in motorsport, enabling them to secure coveted seats in top-tier teams and gain the recognition they need to advance.

  3. Industry Validation: Winning the Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award is an endorsement from a respected institution in motorsport, enhancing a driver’s reputation in the industry. 

Selection Criteria

  1. Racing Performance: Candidates are evaluated based on their on-track performance, including race wins, podium finishes, and overall consistency.

  2. Skill Development: Judges assess a driver’s potential for growth and improvement, looking for qualities that suggest they can become even more successful in the future.

  3. Adaptability: Motorsport can throw unexpected challenges at racers. The ability to adapt to changing conditions and make strategic decisions is highly valued.

  4. Knowledge of the Sport: A deep understanding of the motorsport industry, including its technical aspects, rules, and history, is vital.

  5. Sportsmanship: The character of the driver, including their behavior on and off the track, is a crucial factor. Respect for competitors, officials, and fans is highly regarded. 

Impact on Young Drivers 

  1. Sponsorship Opportunities: Award winners often attract sponsors and financial backing, making it possible for them to participate in higher-profile racing series.

  2. Team Contracts: The recognition from the award can lead to contracts with renowned racing teams, providing access to better equipment and more competitive series.

  3. Media Exposure: Young drivers benefit from increased media exposure, which can further their careers and contribute to their marketability.

  4. Networking Opportunities: The award opens doors to valuable contacts within the motorsport industry, allowing young drivers to connect with experts, mentors, and influential figures.

  5. Enhanced Self-Confidence: Receiving such an esteemed award boosts the confidence and self-belief of young drivers, motivating them to achieve even greater success.

The Autosport Young Driver of the Year Award is a crucial stepping stone for young racers striving to reach the zenith of their motorsport careers. By recognizing and supporting emerging talent, Autosport magazine plays an integral role in shaping the future of motorsport. As past winners have demonstrated, this award has the power to propel young drivers to success and establish their place in the world of racing. 


Finalists revealed for 2023 Aston Martin Autosport BRDC Young Driver Award

Formula 3 race victor Taylor Barnard, along with GB3 championship contenders Callum Voisin and Joseph Loake, and the current Italian F4 points leader, Arvid Lindblad, will engage in a fierce competition for coveted prizes, including an opportunity to test drive an Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One® Team machine. Remarkably, none of these four contenders have previously reached the finals.

The Award, designed to identify and support the most promising young British racing talents, will encompass fitness and simulator challenges, leading up to a two-day evaluation at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. This evaluation will involve MotorSport Vision Formula 2, United Autosports-operated Ligier LMP3, and Beechdean Motorsport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 cars.

In addition to the enticing F1 test opportunity, the ultimate winner, who will be announced at the Autosport Awards ceremony on December 3, will receive prizes including £200,000, full membership to the British Racing Drivers’ Club, an Arai helmet, and a personalized helmet bag provided by Jordan Bespoke.

Derek Warwick, the vice-president of BRDC, presides as the chairman of the esteemed judging panel, which boasts award recipients such as Dario Franchitti, Darren Turner, Andrew Kirkaldy, and Alexander Sims. Notably, the panel also includes accomplished designers like Mark Williams, Le Mans-winning engineer Leena Gade, renowned commentator Ian Titchmarsh, and Autosport Chief Editor Kevin Turner. 


10th in Formula 3 with Jenzer, 2nd in Formula Regional Middle East with PHM

Taylor Barnard

Taylor Barnard achieved notable success in the racing world, securing a 10th place in Formula 3 with the underdog Jenzer team and an impressive 2nd place in the Formula Regional Middle East with PHM Racing. This young talent, nurtured by the German PHM Racing squad, made a remarkable transition from F4 to the highly competitive Formula Regional Middle East, ultimately earning the runner-up position.

In F3, the 19-year-old sensation defied expectations by claiming a front-row qualifying spot at Barcelona and clinching victory at Spa, ultimately landing 10th place in the championship. Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledged the substantial leap from F4 to F3, especially at high-downforce tracks, which initially posed challenges. However, as the team adapted to lower downforce settings and his own experience grew, they improved their performance, concluding the season on a high note.

Barnard expressed his anticipation for the opportunity to drive various cars, emphasizing his ability to adapt quickly and gain speed in different vehicles, which he believes will stand him in good stead for the future. 

Currently leading Italian F4 and 2nd in Euro 4 with Prema Racing

Arvid Lindblad

Arvid Lindblad, hailing from Swedish roots but currently residing in Surrey, is making a significant mark in the world of racing. A Red Bull Junior, Lindblad just celebrated his 16th birthday in August, yet his achievements are far beyond his years. He's leading the Italian F4 championship with Prema Racing, having already secured six victories, and is poised at the top of the standings with only two events remaining. Additionally, he holds a commendable second place in the Euro 4 standings, following his recent win at Monza, again racing for Prema.

Reflecting on his journey, Lindblad humbly states, "Entering the season, I didn't set overly high expectations. I faced some challenges during testing, but as we transitioned to the actual races, I managed to make significant improvements. It has been a remarkable year so far."

Acknowledging his status as perhaps the least experienced among the finalists, Lindblad expresses his determination to strive for victory in the Award. He adds, "I'm truly excited about the opportunity. It's an honor, and I see it as a remarkable experience and a personal challenge that I'm eager to embrace." 

Currently second in GB3 with JHR Developments

Joseph Loake

Joseph Loake is currently ranked second in GB3 while driving for JHR Developments. Despite two inconsistent British F4 seasons that didn't hint at his title contention prospects upon moving to GB3 this year, Loake has managed to secure four wins against more highly regarded competitors. His win tally surpasses everyone else's, positioning the 18-year-old as a strong championship contender with only the Zandvoort and Donington Park rounds left.

Reflecting on his unexpected success, Loake remarks, "If you had told me at the beginning of the season that I would be in the championship battle, I would have eagerly accepted the opportunity. Transitioning from F4 to GB3 and staying competitive was a pleasant surprise, and the GB3 car felt like a natural fit."

He adds, "Being named among the top 10 drivers was a surprise and I was content just being on that list. So, to now be among the final four is a special achievement. I'm eagerly looking forward to driving all these cars – except for Fiesta Junior, I've never experienced a car with a roof!" 

Currently leading GB3 with Rodin Carlin

Callum Voisin

Callum Voisin is currently at the forefront of the GB3 championship, partnering with Rodin Carlin.

After narrowly missing out on the third-place spot in last year's GB3 standings, Voisin was the highest-ranked driver who chose to continue for another season. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the 17-year-old sensation is leading the championship points with just two meetings remaining. He clinched his first victory of the 2023 season at the previous race held at Brands Hatch.

Reflecting on his performance, Voisin commented, "In terms of points, we are exactly where I anticipated we'd be, but getting my first win was not initially part of the plan. Nonetheless, better late than never! The Award was on my radar as I managed to break into the top 10 last year, so I was determined to give my best effort. It's an amazing opportunity to pilot some incredible cars, and I'll be in touch with other drivers to gather insights. Fortunately, my brother, Bailey, possesses experience with GT and LMP3 cars." 

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